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Located in Beijing, China, RisingSun Membrane Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is a globally renowned manufacturer, exporter & supplier of various types of Membranes, effective for microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration & reverse osmosis (RO) process. With strong research & development aimed at producing high-quality membranes, we are eager to serve the demands of customers belonging to different industries. We supply spiral-wound, tubular, and flat sheet module types membrane. In addition, our company is focused on specialty membrane development for Pharmaceuticals, Dye, Biotech fermentation, Waste water and E-coat process. Currently, we are catering to the needs in Electrocoating industry like automotive company, pharmaceuticals, biotech fermentation, dye and MBR etc.

With distinct features and advantages, the membranes are ideal for separation operations in fluid processes. They are efficient, cost-effective and known for equipment modularity and simplicity. Since our inception, we have been striving to the highest technology standards, product excellence & client satisfaction. Our continuing dedication to technology and research results in the continuing development of specialized membranes. We design, engineer & manufacture a wide array of Flat Plate Membrane, reverse osmosis, nanofiltration and ultrafiltration membranes in several configurations. As a prominent membrane manufacturer we pick up the momentum through ceaseless investment in the research and development of membrane technology, so as to modify the execution and presentation of the primary products and develop the advanced industry products. At instant, we have acquired a big scope of intellectual trait rights and many valuable industrial certifications. Achieving a global success without holdups, we have positioned ourselves as a customers' specific product reserve base. Standing as the professional manufacturer of specialized membranes, we have organized an exclusive research and development for membrane engineering companies and also manufacture the membranes of waste water treatment. We also supply combined solutions of membrane products for the treatment of waste water.

Why Us?

Standing in the sphere as an established manufacturer of membrane manufacturer for nanofilteration, ultrafilteration, reverse osmosis,we explicate and understand the specific demand of our customers in all facets and provide them accordingly. We also supply liquid separation, clarification, concentration membranes products of modern technology. The significant factors behind our perpetual success in the domain are mentioned below: 

  • Understandability and lucidity in business agreements.
  • Time-tested and likeable products of current progressions in science.
  • Customized and befitting packaging of the products.
  • Well-timed bringing of the products, umpteen modes of payments.
RisingSun specialty membrane
RisingSun Wastewater Treatment Membrane
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Building 2, Shunren Road No. 51, Linhe Industrial Zone, Shunyi District,, Beijing, Beijing, 101300, China
Phone :86-10-89496869