Spiral E-COAT UF Membrane

Spiral E-COAT UF Membrane
Product Description

Ultrafiltration (UF) is a key component on electrophoretic coating lines, and Spiral UF Membrane is now widely used on electrophoresis lines. Using its principle, substances smaller than the designed MWCO are separated by the ultrafiltration membrane. Since the electrophoretic paint is a macromolecular group, it cannot be discharged, and all of it is trapped and returned to the electrophoresis tank for circulation. After the permeate has been treated, it can be reused in the recovery tank, so that there is no sewage discharge, and the use rate of the electrophoretic paint can be as high as 99%. At the same time, ultrafiltration can remove low molecular substances and water-soluble salts, help parts wet and increase the corrosion resistance and bonding force of the paint film, reduce the electrical conductivity, smooth the paint film and ensure the processing quality of the products.


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