Spiral E-Coat UF Membrane Glassfiber

Spiral E-Coat UF Membrane Glassfiber
Product Description

We are an active manufacturer, supplier, exporter and importer of Spiral E-Coat UF Membrane, which plays a vital role in electrocoating system. Our offered membrane can be utilized on cathodic and anodic electrocoat paints. This membrane finds its use in various applications such as Home appliances, Electrocoat paints recover in automobile and such other industries. Moreover, our Spiral E-Coat UF Membrane is available in various choices of module dimensions and at industry competitive prices.

Its main functions are as follows:

  • Recover paint by a closed loop rinse system that can assist client save 30% above paint prices value, also avoid pollution of paint drain.
  • The ultrafiltration permeate comprises water can be utilized for rinse section.
  • The permeate can also be turned to drain to minimize conductivity of the paint.

UF is a critical electrocoating technology because it recovers paint by a closed loop rinse system, and produces rinse waters from the e-coat bath itself, which can result in 95% or higher transfer efficiencies with no net water addition. Use of UF also controls paint bath conductivity by purging accumulated salts on an as-needed basis.


Electrocoat paints recover in automobile, home appliances and other industries.


  • Reliable membrane material with high chemical resistance
  • Various choices of module dimensions
  • Various choices of outer wrap style
  • Membranes have both positive and negative charge which can be used on anodic and cathodic electrocoat paints

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