Spiral Ultrafiltration Electrocoating UF Membranes

Spiral Ultrafiltration Electrocoating UF Membranes
Product Description

As a growth oriented organization, RisingSun Membrane Technology has emerged as a reliable manufacturer of Spiral Ultrafiltration Electrocoating UF membrane.  These products can be availed in 8040/2540/5640/4040/7640 size.

Material Construction: 

  • Membrane: Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF)
  • Backing Material: Polyester
  • Permeate Tube: Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (UPVC)
  • ATD: ABS Plastic
  • Brine Seal: EPDM
  • Membrane Configuration: Spiral-wound

Product Application: These membranes are mainly utilized in cathodic/anodic paint recover job for metal furniture, home appliances, jewelry, automobile and also for other products.

We have large clientele in countries like India, Thailand, Turkey, China, Korea,Malaysia and Italy. Products offered by us have attained immense popularity in these countries for their standard quality and cost effectiveness. We welcome our customers to be a part of our organization. Clients can avail testing sample from us.

Why us?

  • We have more than one decade of domain experience in filter processing job.
  • We have grown expertise in membrane filtration engineering process.
  • We have offered best grade electrophoretic paint recycling solutions for hundreds of renowned organizations so far.
  • All the raw materials used for offered membranes are of global standards.
  • Large variety of items, adequate stock and on time dispatch of ordered products
  • Certification from ISO9001
  • We have patents of 20 core technology

RisingSun Products Other brands RisingSun Products Other brands
SES-UF-4040 OSMONICS 416ED1 SEF-UF-7640 KOCH 7533-M183-LPF
SES-UF-8040 OSMONICS 815ED1 KOCH 7533-M300-LPF

SYNDER V62-4040H SEG-UF-7647.5 SYNDER V62-7647.5H

PARKER EP76475-BS01-H7
SEG-UF-4040 S SEPRO PVDF400-4040-31F
SEG-UF-4051.5 SYNDER V62-4051.5H SEG-UF-8040 PARKER EP8040-BS05-H8

KOCH 8040M-183-LPHN
SEG-UF-5640 PARKER EP5640-BS01-H5 SEPRO PV400-7940-31F
SYNDER V62-5640H

SEPRO PVDF400-5640-31F

SEG-UF-7640 PARKER EP7640-BS01-H7 SEP-UF-8040 KOCH 8638 M-183-LPP
SYNDER V62-7640H KOCH 8638 M-300-LPP
SEPRO PV400-7640-31D

SEP-UF-10040 KOCH 10738 M-183-LPP
KOCH 10738 M-300-LPP

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