Wastewater Membrane

  1. Flat sheet MBR

    Our flat sheet membrane is made of PVDF, which has better chemical stability, fouling resistance and mechanical strength. Here attached also you can the data sheet for you reference.With advanced membrane fabrication technology, we control the membrane pore size around 0.1 um to get a higher water flux and water quality.
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  2. Flat Sheet MBR Element

    Available in two models viz long and standard, this Sun Flat Sheet MBR Element allows membranes to have optimum effective area. We use excellent quality PVDF materials for manufacturing the entire stock of elements. We make sure to thoroughly inspect the finishing and strength of these elements on standard parameters before the final dispatch in market. These elements are offered to clients at competitive prices.
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  3. Spiral Wound MBR / SMBR

    This Spiral Wound MBR (SMBR) is extensively used in wastewater treatment applications. This is a submerged back washable spiral membrane which implements washing flow from the permeate carrier side with certain pressure. In addition, these membranes are also extensively used in RO pre- treatment, landfill leachate pre- treatment and recycled water. These membranes allow frequent backwashing. Features air scour, these membranes minimizes the pollutant deposition on membrane surface.
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  4. Disk Tubular RO NF (DTRO DTNF)

    This Disk Tubular RO NF is extensively used for various applications such as landfill leachate, industrial wastewater and industrial high salts water. Best known for their high strength designs, these membranes can easily bear heavy pressures. These membranes feature open disk with low flow resistance and contrition polarization. Integrated with disk tubular membrane technology, these are manufactured in strict tandem with industry standards using best quality materials.
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  5. Spiral Wound Reverse Osmosis(RO)Membrane

    This Spiral Wound RO Membrane is integrated with advanced technology that makes it suitable for the most demanding requirements of industries. These membranes are highly suitable for applications where lower feed quality, higher pressure and longer cleaning cycle is required. These membranes have spiral wound structure that allows larger effective area. In addition, the open feed spacer in these membranes feature low resistance and concentration polarization.
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  6. DTRO/DTNF Membrane Disk

    This module comprises of DTRO/DTNF membrane, disk, SUS center link, high pressure vessel and inlet and outlet pipe and accessories. This modular can bear high pressures. We use best quality polyamide for manufacturing the membrane of the module. These membranes feature large effective area and excellent feed flux. Before the final dispatch in market, this module is stringently tested on various standard quality parameters like durability and strength.
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  7. Flat Sheet MBR Module

    This Sun Flat Sheet MBR Module comprises of an air pipe and collector pipe, made of best quality ABS material. Extensively used in wastewater treatment plants, these models are rugged and strong in designs to sustain heavy pressures. These MBR modules are manufactured in strict tandem with industry standards using best quality components. Our clients can get these modules from us in standard and long type models at competitive prices.
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  8. Flat Sheet MBR Membrane

    Made of best quality PVDF, this Sun Flat Sheet MBR has better chemical stability, mechanical strength and fouling resistance. Integrated with advanced membrane fabrication technology, these membranes are designed with optimum pore sizes to get higher water flux. These membranes are widely used in wastewater treatment plants. The water produced through this MBR is much higher and gets not affected by the fluctuation of feed water.
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  9. SMBR 10040 Membrane Element

    This SMBR 10040 Membrane Element is highly appreciated for producing pure water. Widely used in reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration and microfiltration, these elements are high in demand for water desalination and dairy industry. Can easily sustain high temperature and extreme pH conditions, these are also available in specific models for sanitary, food and beverage industry. We use supreme quality PVDF material for manufacturing the membrane use in the element.
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